"Backwood Menace is a talented solo

     artist!! His music is AWESOME!!!"

              - Stephanie Tossoun

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Backwood Menace rocks the valley in Phoenix AZ. A former DJ from Canada with a love for many genres of music. Subtle elements of many different genres.

"Pretty much I've always loved music. I saved my Christmas and birthday money up for years as a kid to get my first guitar. Played in multiple bands up until this point. Now I got my own home studio so  I'm just going to keep making good music."

His newest release "How Do You Feel" is an upbeat, dance, trance tempo beat that maintains the chill, mellow, feel good vibe that is portrayed by the singing of the chorus, outro, and guitar solo. While the verses add darker, omniscious contrasts that hold true to gangster rap and reality's faced by common people in our society.